Sunday, November 18, 2007

Whats the RISC? Go Minimal...

The new Intel Penryn Core 2 Duos are out now incoporating SSE4 that adds another 50 or so instructions heavily targeted at video codecs.

Whatever happened to RISC? Often touted as the next big thing it seems to have disappeared with the advent of ever more complicated systems.

The nice thing about the approach of risc was the finesse... rather than the sledge hammer approach we seem to take to problems these days (just throw some more code, ram, transistors, power, cooling at it).

Anyway, it's nice to see a couple of technologies around that show all is not lost. You may have read recently of Microsofts internal re-factoring of the Windows kernel into a minimal core:

We've also seen Sun working on ways to reduce the foot print of the JRE to that which is actually relevant to the user in the Java Kernel project.
Maybe I'm old fashioned; but I still like to think that efficient clever solutions can triumph over brute force.

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