Sunday, March 09, 2008

iPhone SDK

So it's finally here, the official iPhone SDK that Apple said they would never need to release ;-)

Late last year I managed to get the un-official iPhone toolchain running on my Vista PC and I build a couple of simple demos. It was a mammoth task and although there was a thriving dev community documentation was a bit lacking (compared to my GBA hacking days).

Now thats all changed, Apple Developer connection has some good docs and video tutorials.  Luckily I bought a Mac just in time because the SDK utilises Xcode for all development.

Getting your head around Objective-C is interesting; the frameworks provided seem pretty good.  Apple have really followed a different path to most other platforms developing the OO technology of the NeXT days to it's fullest conclusion so far.

The inclusion of a new version of Dashcode for building widgets portable between iPhone and OSX is exciting.  Widgets really seems to be emerging as the killer app for mobile 2.0 (a lot of my "day job" at Surfkitchen is focused around developing our white label mobile widgets solution Surfkit Phonetop recently debuted at MWC Barcelona).

Sadly it transpires that the OpenGL API doesn't work in the emulator and Apple are being a bit stingy with the hardware developer certificates but it should prove the source of some interesting blog posts in future...