Sunday, April 06, 2008

Videos of My Beloved Formula Ford Car

I finally got around to getting some videos of my old Formula Ford day's uploaded onto youtube. Editing the clips with iMovie on the Mac was really simple it's a great interface and very fast.

The clips are from 2004 when I had just managed to cobble together enough money to get Steve Mole Motorsport to build a new car to pretty much the same spec as the works RaySport team.  Silverstone was the 2nd outing for the car and I qualified 3rd finished 5th which was a pretty big step up for me.  I was near the sharp end finally!

Sadly I ran out of money half way through the season and ended up selling the car a couple of years ago as I wasn't using it.

I'm hoping this year to be able to get a new car either in Formula Ford or hopefully BARC Formula Renault to get some slicks and wings action.