Sunday, April 06, 2008

Videos of My Beloved Formula Ford Car

I finally got around to getting some videos of my old Formula Ford day's uploaded onto youtube. Editing the clips with iMovie on the Mac was really simple it's a great interface and very fast.

The clips are from 2004 when I had just managed to cobble together enough money to get Steve Mole Motorsport to build a new car to pretty much the same spec as the works RaySport team.  Silverstone was the 2nd outing for the car and I qualified 3rd finished 5th which was a pretty big step up for me.  I was near the sharp end finally!

Sadly I ran out of money half way through the season and ended up selling the car a couple of years ago as I wasn't using it.

I'm hoping this year to be able to get a new car either in Formula Ford or hopefully BARC Formula Renault to get some slicks and wings action.

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Ellsworth said...

Oh, were you able to get a new car back then? Saving was probably the only thing you did before. That's really good! Because when someone has something that he or she really desires, he or she must do her best to have it. :D That's the trait that most car owners have!

Ellsworth Mciltrot