Friday, October 10, 2008

Apple Macbook Event, Blackberry cooking up a storm...

A Storm Brewing...
With the announcement of the Blackberry Storm, its seems Rim are after a slice of the iPhone pie.  After all with ActiveSync licensed and therefore Exchange push email completely free for use on the iPhone they must be worried about the stability of their core business.

As the device goes it looks ok and I'm interested to see how the touch manifests itself as the word is that the screen offers "tactile" feedback.  Whether thats just a little vibration as Nokia use with the new 5800 tube phone is of the most interest to me.

The interesting thing is the proposed BlackBerry App Store and Mac sync software which is taking probably the most direct swipe against the iPhone in this product.

But once again as with the Nokia 5800 UI - the overall polished feel of the iPhone looks absent.  Nobody lives and breathes user experience like Apple I suppose.  Obviously until people have used the device in anger we must reserve judgement on the whole experience but it certainly looks like a bold new step for Rim though and I'm eagerly awaiting working on the device.

New MacBooks!
Now the best news I've had for a while!  Looks like Apple are set to introduce the new notebook range next week.  I'm a Macbook (white) user at the moment, great little machine - love the design and very solid.  Yes - I've craved the keyboard, extra power and dual-link DVI of the MacBook Pro range but parts of the case styling seemed a bit coarse to me.

It looks like they've made the speaker grills finer according to posts at Apple Insider which was one of my main beefs,  although I hope they don't move the the slimline Air style keyboard on all models.  The 13" range is also due for an update so I'll be eagerly awaiting the announcement.

Finally I'm working on a independent iPhone game project with some of my ex IOMO colleagues, details soon but it's pretty cool and I'll be looking to share some of my development experiences.

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