Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bomboozle on App Store

Only a few days after submission to Apple, Bomboozle has gone live on the iTunes App Store.

The whole process of putting an application onto the App Store has been really easy and a testament to Apple's setup.  When you realise that your app is now for sale across the world and they handle all the payments and reconciliation it's pretty impressive and once again Apple leveraging an existing platform to great effect.

Use the button below to take you to the Bomboozle page in iTunes.


Monday, November 24, 2008

Bomboozle iPhone Complete

My first iPhone game project with my colleagues at Megadev is now complete.  Bomboozle is a fiendishly addictive puzzler which has proved to be very popular on the flash gaming scene.

The iPhone port has all the original game modes, a great touch interface which feels really intuitive and several tweaks specifically for the iPhone version.

For the tech-heads out there; its written in Objective-C using OpenGL for all the graphics.  I'll be writing some articles soon on a few areas of interest that cropped up during the development.  All in all it's been pretty smooth as iPhone/OSX is a great platform to work on.

All being well the game should be submitted to the iTunes App Store tomorrow evening and available to buy at a reasonable price very soon!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Motion Seat - Fully Loaded

Quick update as my new Sparco race seat arrived and I was able to get it bolted to the frame to test out my motion sim prototype fully loaded.

The test went well, I was driving for around an hour with no problems and able to increase the range of movement which can all be seen in the video.  There's certainly no shortage of power and you can see I get shaken around a bit on a few gear changes ;-)

My focus now will switch to the software development; at the moment its basically mapping g-force directly to deflection of the seat.  Next I'll be mixing in the attitude information and perhaps rotation cues. Speed of movement is also important to human perception of motion so I have several experiments to do to settle on the best mix of motion cues.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Full Size Motion Seat

Finally... its been a long time coming but the firsts tests of my full size motion seat for racing simulators have been quite successful.

Its taken a long time to try out the various methods for positioning and motor control, along with coming up with a suitably strong design for the frame. The video below shows the movement in conjunction with Live for Speed using a updated custom outsim app that I wrote previously for my small scale test.  I'm holding the camera and driving so its not that easy to discern all the motion.

The seat is still not bolted to the frame securely but, I couldn't resist gingerly sitting down into it in order to turn a few laps in Live for Speed.  It's a great feeling as you accelerate off and the sit tips back, quite realistic.  What surprised me is how little actual movement is needed to create the feeling of motion.  The motion has quite decent resolution (you can see gear shifts tipping the seat in the video).

The platform design is very compact and is using Permanent magnet DC motors with hall effect position sensors. At the moment its hooked up to a 4 amp 24v power supply which seems to provide more than enough juice with my 13 stone frame sat in the seat ;-)
It needs a little extra bracing to stop some unwanted movement and a better seat that can be bolted down.  I hope to be able to produce a kit which will include the motion base pre-assembled and ready to go... so all the consumer does is bolt on the seat of their choice and race.

Bomboozle iPhone
Some of my ex-IOMO workmates have founded a studio working on casual games in flash and across other self-publishable platforms.  Check out, I've started work with them on a few projects.  One of which is an iPhone port of their popular flash game called Bomboozle, the original flash version of which can be found at

It's pretty close to being finished and our Apple App Store contact is inked, stay tuned for some screenshots and details of a release date.