Monday, November 24, 2008

Bomboozle iPhone Complete

My first iPhone game project with my colleagues at Megadev is now complete.  Bomboozle is a fiendishly addictive puzzler which has proved to be very popular on the flash gaming scene.

The iPhone port has all the original game modes, a great touch interface which feels really intuitive and several tweaks specifically for the iPhone version.

For the tech-heads out there; its written in Objective-C using OpenGL for all the graphics.  I'll be writing some articles soon on a few areas of interest that cropped up during the development.  All in all it's been pretty smooth as iPhone/OSX is a great platform to work on.

All being well the game should be submitted to the iTunes App Store tomorrow evening and available to buy at a reasonable price very soon!

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Massy said...

ehy !
I have seen that you are really a good programmer in porting flash to iphone...
i would need the same thing for some of my flash games...
i could pay you or with a fixed sum or with a % on the total selling of the game on the global apple store...
are you interested ?
email me: massi1981 AT