Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Apple Love...

On another note as it's MacWorld Keynote day and probably the last one it's my duty to say get well soon to Steve jobs and then to mention a couple of great things for Mac history lovers out there.

I'm faschinated by the birth of the computer industry particularly the dawn of the graphic age and the Mac was right there as the guiding light.

Some time last year I got a great coffee table book called "Revolution in the Valley", written as a series of anecdotes compiled by Andy Hertzfeld - one of the original Mac team. It's a great read with really nice presentation and some good photos of various stages of software and hardware development. For me it captures the essence of creativity that is born from those steps into what was essentially a virgin area. Check out Andy Hertzfeld's website which is the inspiration for the book.

The reason I'm dredging this up is that my DVD copy of "Welcome to Macintosh" finally arrived this morning timed perfectly for Macworkd :-S Check out the website at http://welcometomacintosh.com/Welcome.html for more information.

Looks like it'll be a "bad tv" night for my girlfriend tonight ;-)

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