Monday, July 18, 2011

Super Monaco GP Inspired HTML 5 Canvas Demo

Quite a while ago I ported a short 2D racing engine demo I'd done in Flash to Javascript using the HTML 5 canvas object.

While at IOMO I worked on several racing games include Pursuit Squad, Chase HQ and Colin Mcrae Rally 05, FPR Superbikes and Le-mans 2004. By the end I could code a racing game in my sleep (and had too in some cases) ;-)

Anyway, I've put the demo up on my website, link below. It's in no way optimised and for a real game you'd almost certainly use DOM objects for the sprites but, I was surprised how quick it was to port. Basically only a few hours - the major issue was converting a few of the integer calculations to work correctly with rounded floats.

I've only really tried it in Safari on my mac, but it did run on my iPhone classique, although pretty slowly. It nicely heats up my Macbook Pro, so can be used to warm your freezing hands in the current beautiful British summer - if nothing else!

Maybe one day we'll actually make a game out of it at Megadev.

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zproxy said...

I like it :)